The Purity Myth

If you’re a female this should concern and frighten you in a big way.

 Reblogging to watch later.

Jessica Valenti is amazing, and I need to see this whole thing. 

So many of the clips shown make me feel sick.

I’m glad there’s someone pointing out that intelligence compassion etc is more important than what one does with their body.

I hope they point out the double standards between women and men as well.

obviously they should tell kids that abstinence is really the only way to prevent pregnancy (but not put such a heavy moral meaning on it), but they also need to teach safe sex

because really


I don’t like this at all.

Especially because I live in the south, this is a HUGE thing for me. I get told all the time that I look promiscuous because I dress a certain way, that I’m never going to get a boyfriend because I express my ideas freely. But this? This is so much more than that. It’s frightening, that people think just because a woman has sex she’s not as good as someone else. That’s really frightening to me.

This here is one of the reasons I sometimes hate my own continent.

Ohhey, it’s back.

uuuuggggggghhhhhhh…. Some days I wish I had a penis. Because then no one would bother me about the state of my genitals and I would be lauded and praised for having sex. 

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