Rockwell understands me.

Tonight was strange. Honestly the past 24 hours have been strange. Went to Corydon for a play my sister was in, naturally was stared at and had to deal with assholes. You expect that in Corydon though. Then we met one of Brucefriend’s friends at Denny’s for late night nommage and not only was the waitress dumb as a rock we took an hour and a half to get food when the store was not busy in any regard. 

Today? Go out for dinner and movie. Dinner was delicious service was not, (see previous post). Then we trolled wal-mart before we had to catch our movie and it just felt like, and honestly was that people were staring at us. I know I have purple hair and in a way you could argue that “I ASKED FOR IT” (HATE THAT PHRASE), but the entire time we were at wal-mart I felt uncomfortable by the way people were looking. It made us both self-concious. Was this why our server was such a douche face to use? Is there something wrong with our faces? Is Bruce’s penis showing? Do we reek of premarital sex? What did we do? Why were we standing out? 

I’m used to getting looks now and again. I have purple hair, I’m kinda large, and I have a loud voice. It happens, but that’s curious attention. It seemed all attention tonight was negative and almost hostile. I don’t think this is just a period rant either, because Bruce noticed it all too. 

I’m just not sure what to think. It almost seems like the bad service we’ve seen could have been brought on by some sort of vibe that we give off to people. I don’t think we look like trouble, I mean I have purple hair and Bruce has tattoos, but he’s clean shaven and has short hair these days. I dress like an adult when in public and neither one of us were cussing that much today. I just don’t get it. 


  1. warrenjt said: Kick them all in the face. And/or give them a reason to stare. And/or start handing out pictures of the two of you.
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